Badr vds

Official Barbrothers athlete

Badr vds

Badreddine van Der Stoel is one of the official Barbrother athletes with more than eight years of experience in calisthenics. His goal is to educate, motivate, and help viewers improve their bodies through Calisthenics exercises and monitoring nutrition whilst making the process as enjoyable and sustainable as possible.

Used skills

Market research

Graphic design

Copy writing

Content course

The challenge

We started working with Badr because he wanted a new strategy to grow his audience and wake up his current followers. This included a new content calendar that takes his own working schedule into account, a redesign of the socials, and a viral Reels/TikTok strategy. For the redesign of the socials we made a new corporate identity and cleaned up the grid. This way it is easier to see what he does and how he can help you. Because Badr gets the most followers by posting viral content, we made him a content calendar that works perfectly with his other daily tasks. After posting more, we concentrated on improving the viral content strategy by doing market research and analyzing every post. 


Now Badr is able to upload more with a recognizable corporate identity and a clean grid design, not only his current followers are more active, but new users are more likely to convert into followers. By doing market research, analyzing viral posts, and tracking the analytics, we learned what kind of content works the best and how to make this kind of content the most efficient way.

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