Music producer


Kevin Hertogen better known as ‘Futurise’ is a 24-year-old Music Producer from the Netherlands. He is a passionate music producer who delivers music in a futuristic way that is picked up by thousands of people. His first major record got massive streams (120,000+) and was supported all over the world. The next masterpiece he produced, ‘You’, was also much loved by his listeners and got a lot of streams as well (20,000+). To step into the mind of Kevin Is to step in the future. His passion to develop his unique sound is stronger than ever, and he loves to share this passion. Kevin now mainly focuses on the newly emerging dance style ‘Deep house’ And plans to refine his musical agility in the future.

Used skills

Market research


Graphic design

Copy writing

Content course

The challenge

Because Futurise is a music producer and social media is where all potential listeners are active, it is double as important for him to have his socials optimized. New social media leads need to know what he does and post in under 10 seconds so that they get hooked and want to see more. Posting content that you like is not enough to grow your social media page, you need a content marketing strategy and sales funnel specifically for your target audience to convert to listeners.

Viral content strategy:


For Futurise we made a viral content marketing strategy. This means we analyzed the target audience by breaking down videos that went viral already in the same niche. Now that we knew what content to make, we worked on making a content calendar that takes his own working schedule into account. Because we started to upload more now, it didn’t take long until we got his first viral post of 1,400 likes. Not long after that, we got a post that changed our progress forever, we got 94,000 likes, which included 7,500 profile visits and 2500 new followers. To this day, we are still managing and analyzing for Futurise.

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