Limburg Events Urmond

Party rental

Limburg Events Urmond

Limburg Events Urmond is a party rental located in Limburg. They help you organize the party of your dreams with professional equipment. Microphones, smoke machines, beamers, sound boxes, lights, and much more!

Used skills

Graphic design

Web design

The challenge

The problem with a website for a party rental is that everyone calls for questions and orders. That means that the party rental needs to call all day to reserve his products and answer questions. Our task is to make a system, so he doesn’t have to call clients anymore. 


With the new quotation system, we made for Limburg Events Urmond, they don’t have to call to reserve products. Now clients can select the products they want to reserve for their party on the website and send an automated quotation, they only have to wait for a confirmation. For questions, there is a contact form available now. After we made this system, we made two new pages, an artist page with all the artists you can hire with videos of them performing, and a new homepage to optimize click true rate.

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