Rob Lanckohr

Atelier for jewelry

Rob Lanckohr

Rob Lanckohr – an atelier for jewelry, is run by Rob and Chantal Lanckohr. The couple met in 1993 during the World Music Competition (WMC). Chantal: “I was a hostess during the WMC and I attended the hotel school.” When Rob gave the hostesses a necklace with the WMC logo as a gift, they got to know each other. More than two years later, the couple moved in together on the Poststraat in Kerkrade. Rob was already working in the jewelry store of his parents (Eug Lanckohr). In 1997 they took over the business from Rob’s parents and in the following years expanded it into their ‘Atelier for Jewelery’.

Used skills

Market research

Graphic design

Copy writing

Social Media management


The challenge

Because Rob Lanckohr has a store in Kerkrade (Netherlands), it is important for them to narrow the target audience to the location. We needed to make a strategy to target a specific area interested in custom-made jewelry. For this audience, we needed to make a sales funnel more personal and easy to follow up, but at the same time, we needed to spread brand awareness to give people the right image of the company.


After doing market research, analyzing viral content, and creating the target audience, we made a sales funnel and awareness strategy for Instagram and TikTok. After this, we optimized the social media profiles, to increase the chance of getting DM’s and match the corporate identity. The awareness strategy is a mix of making viral content and advertising, all the leads and data coming from this will be used in our retargeting campaign or lead follow-up.

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