Toine Corstjens

Artist Painter

Toine Corstjens

Toine Corstjens was a former designer of the “Koninklijke Sphinx” in Maastricht, but above all a painter in heart and soul. Toine received his artistic training in Maastricht at the city academy, but sees himself mainly as an autodidact. In his travels to Italy and France, he gained many experiences and impressions. He exhibited as early as 1956 in the art galleries of Dejong Bergers in Maastricht, and not much later in art galleries and museums from Aachen to London. Also, special are the portraits of the royal family in the municipal cave of Valkenburg, commissioned by the municipality of Valkenburg.

Used skills

Market research

Graphic design

Copy writing

Content course

The challenge

Toine Corstjens sells the paintings he makes on his website and started posting them on Instagram, it is up to us to make a digital marketing plan for his website and optimize his social. We need to create more awareness on Instagram and optimize the profile to convert them to leads that will use our call to action.


For Toine Corstjens, it was important that we targeted an audience that would love his style of painting. After our market research, we found multiple artists that loved his style and could relate to his approach. Because of this, we knew where our target audience is active and started making a content calendar, marketing strategy, and sales funnel. We made a strategy containing multiple actions, to create more awareness by being more active on the platform, this resulted in more page visits. The next stage of the funnel was converting the new visitors to followers or leads, this meant we needed to optimize the page to make it as easy as possible to see what Toine Corstjens does and what he sells. If the visitors converted to leads by following our call to action, the website would convert them to customers. But if they converted to followers, we would retarget them.

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